The Life of me
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2003-03-01 08:07:15 (UTC)

A day in the life of a single mother

First of all im 22 and will be 23 march 14th and im
divorced and have 2 sons,ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2. They are my
life but it is rough being a single mother . There daddy is
not paying child support or has had visitation in 2 months
and is expecting another child a lil girl the last of this
month first of next(not by his wife that he isnt
even with ne more) But i have this wonderful fiancee that
buys and takes care of us and i am so thankful to have
found some one like that! heres how my day starts off:

any where from 8-9 am the boys wake up

10 im fixing breakfast the best i can without having to
steady chase Zachary the baby...he gets in to everything!

from 1030-about 1 they are playing or and im
busy fixing lunches

2-7 playing and taking baths getting ready for bed

730-8 in bed and asleep and thats a day in the life of a
single mother(not including the cleaning).

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