things running through my mind.
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2003-03-01 07:44:42 (UTC)

hay.. soo lemme talk bout wuts..

hay.. soo lemme talk bout wuts new.. 2 weekends ago i was
suppose to go to the movies with chris king and i really
did want to but i was scared i didnt want to go by myself
and i didnt kno who elsle to ask and so i just avoided
talkin to him which i kno was wrong but and i felt sooo bad
but i was happier.instead i went to the kimball game it was
fun with martha and i saw kabou there and this one kid
thought i was hot which i saw today wen i went to the game.
but neways then that night i had 3 games i won 1 cuz the
other tam forfitted but the other 2 we lost but i played
well i think.the next day was anthonys 1st b-day it was
fun.. and then later i went with kt over to krstins for her
b-day and it was cool but everyone was soo clicky and sum
ppl just showed up and i didnt really kno them or was
really frineds with them and i didnt kno wut to say but in
all it was goo then later we went back to kts and slept.
the next friday i went to a vball tournament then a soccer
game later that night and it was fun it was bout my last
game for vball and it made me really sad wen i found out im
not one of the ppl movin up to varsity. but its ok!!!! then
on tuesday i went to the bball game and then i had soccer
after it we had to run a mile in 8 minutes and i was second
after brandy and then we did these station things which i
was good at and then we did relays and i could b brandy in
bout everything soo i was too sad if i couldnt beat her in
sprints i would have been really mad but i could and im
glad im fast its my only chance of makin varsity. then the
rest of the week was normal ut thursday i went over to
brandys and we went to a u of d hockey game it was a lil
borin but it was ok i had fun hanging out with brandy and
then later we went to her sisters store and she bought a
purse it was cute that store is soo funny.. BUt she was on
the phone with bryan the WHOLE time which kinda made me
feel left out! then seh wanted me to go to the movies with
her nick and bryan but i dont kno nick and her and bryan
would b together the whole time i would feel stupid i kno i
should have just do that i could of gotten out of the house
but i didnt and i think she got really mad at me bcuz she
was like sad and quiet after i was like NO i dont wanna!
today i sat at home it was cool then i wen to piano which i
didnt do to bad at for like never practicing then i went
to the bball game but amanda was there and i dont kno her
and she knew ppl and so did kt soo i just kinda felt left
out most of the time. and i got to talk to brian it was
cool i kinda like jimmy tho hes has such a funny
personality and i dont knno i just like him better and i
think brian doesnt like me ne more ne ways just b cuz i
wouldnt talk like the whole time cuz i didnt kno wut to
say. O and jimmy likes amanda u can just tell adn i didnt
want it to b like that afyer the games we went to go out to
eat but on her way back he car started bummpin and it
stalled it was really funny me and amanda were cracking up
over it. and it was in the middle of rochester then brian
pushed it out of the way and into a parking lot it was nice
of him hes nice... and the kimball ppl have a lil inside
joke with the finger thing and i dotn get it ok well here
dad came and we went back to kts house and ate pizza it was
cool and watched parts of a miovie i didnt talk at like all
i didnt kno wut to say... im not really good friends with
ne of them. it made me feel i raelly need to get more of a
life and hang out with different ppl and become friends
with a variety of ppl and actually go out which i dont like
to do!
O one day at lunch stay megan and marintot came up to me
and told me to go talk to mike and i was just like ok..?? i
really didnt wanna i felt weird just walk over there with
them and neways mike came over he didnt really talk to me
but it was step closer he actually came over to me but then
the bell rang i started to leave then ricky came up to me
and told me to tell him he had big teeth so i did and i
think it was really mean and i felt really bad after i sed
it but all the guys were like OOOOOooooo.. and i didnt
really get it but i guess i called him ugly and i dont
think he will talk to me again i think ricky is nice too he
talks to me more! O after school one day ricky and ryan
were sittin and watch the bball games and they called me
voer so i walked over and ricky told me he thgouth i was
gorgeous it made me feel good but i dont think i realized
it then cuz i didnt say ne thing back to him ne ways they
were like come and hit on us during lunch and dont talk to
mike at all it will make him soo jelous but i kno i wont do
that cuz i try to avoid there table cuz i dont kno wut to
say if i do go over there and talk to them. but each day
ricky ses hey to me so i feel specail but not mike soo o
well..ya.... i want him to talk to me mayb online or
summthing o and rite now bryan is online but he wont talk
to me and its makin me feel like he hates me now.. soo ya.!

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