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2003-03-01 06:42:00 (UTC)


today was quite a day. it was friday. blehh. fridays are
good and bad. sometimes i have plans, and then other times
i am a lame-o and i sit at home and stuff my face. today i
did that, and then my scary buddy brought me some
chocolate! that made me feel special. :D

but yeah... anyway

today i got to use THE THIGH MASTER! in gym class. that
was a hoot. and i used THE BUTT MASTER! too. and i had an
english and a geometry test today. and i know for a fact i
failed the geometry test. and i'm not just saying that.
geometry seriously just hates my guts. and then in
spanish, we got to finish painting our murals on the
walls. that was fun. a good waste of a period. and then at
lunchtime, this band called underminded performed. and
juli fell in love with the bass player, so she had to talk
to him. and then we went to cosa, and we blamed the ramen
on alan. fun times. and then we sang our song about
feathered turkeys and mayonnaise. is that how you spell
mayonaise? mayonnaise?

anyway... i wanted to do something with al tonight, but it
didn't work out, and i was so sad. but tomorrow i will
hopefully see my little gal pal!! so exciting! and me and
the tool are going to see chicago and talk to some random
hot guys. should be a hoot.

well... uhhh... bye.

okay.... wow.... i am psycho. i wrote that like 45 minutes ago, and
i seemed like i was in such a good mood. and now i'm just not. what
the friggin frig. i seriously just think too much. and i am so
stupid, and can't even explain it. AAAHHHH!!!!

RANDOM THOUGHTS (i have way too many of those):

i don't matter to anyone, and that makes me really sad.
i'd really like to make out with someone right now. anyone. almost
anyone. i have way too many personalities. i'm just plain psycho.
one minute i'm ADD and then the next i'm ZDD. and i have the most
twisted thoughts, i won't even talk about them. why don't i have a
boyfriend? what am i, like an ugly bitch. what the fuck. you're lost
now, but that's okay. aahhh shoot me someone! or let's go have sex.
OMG juli! that's like when i said "let's go kick lamby... or we
could give him a hug." i always leave a lot of options.