the writtings on the wall
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2003-03-01 05:54:30 (UTC)

US 5

Lights. Green, blue, yellow, red. Flashing all about in our
faces. Our feet, 2 by 2, resting on the smooth sliver bar
in front of us. Us 5. We were all sitting here perfectly,
like in a movie. The world roated around us. Us 5. I loved
every minute of it too. Just me and the guys, how i could
stay forever and ever. The Guys. They were so perfect. I
couldnt make it any better. A swirvy car ride, in the
awesome "mini-van", switchin off drivers, just because.
Pa-did-ill is the best thing ever. Yeah i bet that car will
come in about 5 minutes from 5 miles away with only one
headlight. Taking the WET FLOOR signs, yeah your real slick
Chris. When we breath, our warm air becomes a cloud of cold
circles, swirling around and around, untli it disapears
into nothing. Just like that. We talk of curious things,
like studios, and payment for chairs. Lights, and cameras,
technicolor, and lego viedos. Man that would be cool huh? I
could stay with them, forever. They are my nitch, they fill
my gap. When i am with them, my days are carless, and full
of beautiful music in my ears. Black, the pearl jam cover,
beautiful. Thats what i am talkin about. Us. Us 5; singin,
yellin pearl jam in the "mini-van" that took sharp turns
and ran stop sigs, Us 5 that drank coffee, and fought over
shot gun, Us 5 that walked on Bardstown Road, and watched
cars wildly fly by, rockin to music so loud i am sure they
would be deaf by now. I dont understand what great thing i
did to recieve these awesome people. They are like noone i
have ever been around. No one. We are US. Us 5. Me in the
back, with him. My very best friend. I slept in his arms,
all through the swirves and turns, while he ran his fngers
through my hair until i drifted off into happy night
dreams. He told me he was lucky to have me bc i was the
most beautiful gurl he had ever seen. And he didnt no why,
but it just happened. He means so much to me. They all do.
We will never cease to exist. We will be forever, we will
be many things in our small little lifetimes. ROYal
productions, i know it shall come. Who knows what will
arise from US, but i know we will be something great. Even
if its just Us being US. and thats it. Even if its us just
riding in the car..takin sharp turns and swirving. Even if
its Us... just being US 5.