life as it is
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2003-03-01 04:54:59 (UTC)


well my senior year has been most boring. I dont know what
to do with my life. T is back visiting. I didnt see D or C
from july until january, when one night D randomly called
me. Me and KP andLk and lec went out to their friend's
house and i saw them. then two days later C called me,
iwent to his house and fell in love with him again. I did
have to resign myself to the fact that he would not call me
again for another 6 months. he hasnt called. I saw both of
them at snowball, but thye did not seem to even notice me.
I'm tired of being a damn doormat. then D, who has a
girlfriend, called me tonight. WHY?!!!!! i was busy, and as
i expected, when i called him back he couldnt do anything.
ugh. WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM ME?!! then theres G. I think i
might like G, but i dont know if he likes me. i mean hes
always snuggly when we're alone and stuff, but at school
its like im not even there . i dont get it. whats wrong
with me?