The Perils of Everything
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2003-03-01 04:33:47 (UTC)

Day 8

Well this day hasn't been finished yet, but here it is sooo
far ...

Breakfast: Green Tea w/honey(0)
Lunch: Celery w/Mustard dip(0) and 1/4 piece of Pita bread
Snacks: Straberry Granola(40)
Dinner: Nothing yet...I'm probably going to get some mini
tacos at this really good place to eat. They are corn
tortilla's with a little bit of meat and cilantro and
onion. No cheese or anything really fatty. And they are
very tiny. So hopefully that won't put too much fat on me.

Week Analyze:
Well I'm very happy that I've decided to start this diet.
Already I fit easier in my clothes, especially pants and I
just feel lighter. I do about 150 sit ups a night, varrying
the type of them. And I do 30 reps of leg excersizes on
each leg. and today i cantered like a pony and jumped jumps
for about 15 minutes which knocked the wind out of me. Well
I feel good about how everything is going so far. I went
shopping today for really good food to eat, so that should
help me loose weight even faster. Hooray for eating