Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2003-03-01 04:13:05 (UTC)

I hope I don't wake up tomorrow.

So, I'm still trying to get my car back. It's turning into
quite the ordeal. Lots of time and money and frustration.
I can't quite have a bout with good luck. Hopefully,
tomorrow will turn out differently. It's March...Luck of
the Irish. I think I'm I look at this way,
it can only get better. Wait...I prolly shouldn't say
that, because I suppose it could be worse.

I feel horribly bad, cuz I blamed Chris for the car going
out. Turns most likely wasn't anybody's fault. I
had an oil leak, which leaked into the flywheel, causing
clutch failure. I lost two friends over
can't win!!! I tell ya, I have the luck of a jackass. I
guess, it really has nothing to do with luck. It was my
temper. I had everyone telling me that clutches just don't
go out...i believed them. Now, I'm without two invaluable
friends, a broken car, and an empty house. But why would
any of them even consider forgiving me. I called the cops
on them for God's sake. Maybe one day, I'll muster up
enough courage to say I'm sorry and they'll forgive me.
Highly doubtful, though. I guess, I should'nt worry about
all this at the same time, cuz I'm just stressing myself
out even more.