2003-03-01 03:57:03 (UTC)


Yea so its friday night and I was gone all day str8 chillin
n i wuz at tha mall, I had fun there ... I saw a few hott
guys but mostly I chilled in the arcade place with tha mall
ratz...I went into tha green do0r to0, I love that place...I lo0ked
so cute tonight and all these guys were going by sayin "damn" and I
would either smile or just act like I didnt hear them *gives inn0cent
lo0k*...n 2morra...yea we'll see wha 2morra brings...I need a job
very bad, I think I should get one, I was supposed to wake up early
today and go get apps but I was sick, I have a cold :( ... I hate
bein sick and I get sick so much and I dunno why but it sux major
ass! but anyways I have IMs like crazy so hmm... oh yea.. I got
Gizmo ;]

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