2003-03-01 03:19:28 (UTC)

Violet Death

Violet Death

Poor pathetic lamb
Caught by the violet eyed beast
For you what fate waits
As you kneel respectively

Quietly at my feet
Eyes lowered daring not to look
Into temptations
Violet eyes of distruction

Heaven and Hell beckon
As you battle demons within
Wages of sin ... death
Heaven ... life everlasting

Lowered eyes lifting
Greeting the Angel of Death
Her robe black as night
White wings drip blood from their tips

Be gentle , he says
I will deliver you safely
As many before
Powering my body within

Their blood fed my need
Their souls became one with mine
Blood drips from my wings
For my gluttony of blood

Embracing you close
Deliver me sweet Mistress
Hangs on dying lips
As velvet tears fall from my fangs...

~ Fire Poet ~
(a.k.a mistress_StoneWolf_2000)