a poetic Heartº
2003-03-01 03:01:24 (UTC)

Faces without names


Were always meeting new people
Not knowing who they are
Some leave lasting memories
Others leave painful scars

But tell me what you would do
If a voice was heard so sweet
You turned around and there he was
ans to you he happened to speak

His eyes as beautiful as heaven
you couldnt help but stare
He had the body and the personality
the guy was more than rare

So tell me what you would do
If you knew you had to leave
Never asking any questions
to the guy you may never again see

WHat would you do
To what lengths would you go
to finding that one guy
that you dont even know

Would you go back to that place
and wait day by day
Wishing and hoping
that he walks your way

And if you never see him again
youll know it wasnt meant to be
But youll always have that one true moment
to look back on in memory

Were always meeting new people
Faces without names
Some stay forever
Others will never leave you the same

Ashley N McCoy

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