a poetic Heartº
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2003-03-01 02:53:08 (UTC)

This is me...

(Written Valentines day 2003)

Poetry is the only thing that has ever meant anything
in my life, It goes so much deeper and so much more
passionate than any words alone could ever express. Its the
only thing that I have ever enjoyed and been good at doing.
It expresses my soul in a way that nothing else can. So
many times throughtout my lifetime I have been hurt DEEPLY
even on what I thought was (Special Days.) I go on. People
leave my life, it hurts, I go on.

Poetry...Some hate it, others FEAR it... ME? I
definatly fear it. It reaches all of my weak spots and
squeezes my heart so hard at times, it depresses me but yet
poetry tells my lifes story. If you were to ever take all
of my poems and read them in the specific order from which
they were written you would get much, much more than just a
poem. You would get every little event that has ever meant
something to me in my life. The breakups, the crushes, the
old flames, the friendship, and the troubles at home.

This is me...I am but nothing more! I have a heart that
reaches into ppl and touches them even when im not meaning
for it to happen.

This is me... I hurt, easily, deeply, and more than a
lot of ppl do. Hardly will you ever hear me tell someone
that they have hurt me. But nearly every single DAY,
something is said, something is done, something...pushes me
to the edge and I hold on, not yet have I let myself fall
off...NOT YET!

This is me...Poems, feelings, Love... I longed to have
someone, anyone for the first 12 years of my life, and
never did anyone come, I cried everynight because no one
had ever held my hand, I had never had no one to kiss me,
dance with me, or hold me.Yes I was young, But still I
needed that emotion and no one gave it to me. This...this
is the reason that my heart aches. Now that I have someone
Im scared and I take things was to seriously yet that Is
me...I am no more!

Poetry...Its my life, My world, My heart, My love.
Poetry...It is me...

Ashley Nicole McCoy