Doom Doom Doom Doom Doomy Doom Doom
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2003-03-01 02:07:05 (UTC)

I am tired

When people love one another they give eachother all
that they can. I guess that is what I believe at leaste, my
love gave me something that I cannot ever repay him for. He
gave me a place, now just follow me for a second and I will
Everyone has a secret place, it is where you go when
you need to think. That little place withen your mind to
which you retreat. And in that place you can stay forever
if you chose. No one can take your secret place away from
you. But most people never build upon their secret place.
They never learn to take solace in it. My joshie gave me
that ability, he told me to close my eyes and he began to
tell me of a place. This place was desolate, arrid the
ground was clay and cracked from the heat and lack of
water. You are in a huge valley and the valley floor gose
out around you for miles, you are in the very middle of it.
In the distance you can see mountains. Huge mountains, but
they are very far away. And it is twilight, in the middle
of this valley is a tower, it is miles high. The top of
this tower is narrow, no bigger than a small table.At the
top of this tower he sits, and looks down upon his world.
And there he meditates, what happens withen his world from
then on out is his choice, and depends upon his mood I
suppose. And he gave me this world. Now don't get me wrong,
his secret place is still his own. It always will be, but
he has inspired me to change my secret place. I will not
telly ou of my secret place. Only that it is a place where
I go to feel pain.
I love my Joshie. I have loved him for a very long
time now. And I hurt my Joshie, I do so over and over
again. But in the end it is he who will walk me through the
land of shadows. He will hold my hand and guide me. And I
will provide for him every bit of support and motivation
that I have to give. Yes... yes I do indeed love my Joshie.

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