Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-03-01 00:48:50 (UTC)

Last Day of Febuary, 2003

Well, I'm back again, and things have gotten worse it
seems. I know now that I have to go to court for truantcy.
Its not going to be easy from what I can see. But oh well,
I've been talking about it for too long now. I just want to
put that in the back of my memory for now.
I think around two weeks ago it was when me and my new
bud, Robert walked all the freakin way to walmart! It took
4 hours and 30 minutes. We started from my house at 3 AM.
When we got there, I bought a carpet and a bunch of bruce
lee movies hahaha it was hardly worth the 20 miles of cold
and endurance!
Its a good thing we didn't have to walk back.... with
a 30 pound carpet too! Good thing my grandmother drove by
rith out of the blue. And I'm serious too, she just drove
right in front of us when we were sitting on the bench
wondering how to get back home. What a trip huh?! Thats one
I'm going to tell my kids. hahahaha well, I think I'm
pretty much done for today A lot has happened so far, but I
have few words to use so good night for now.

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