My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-03-01 00:16:34 (UTC)

a little about Mallori...

Yeah.. you get those gay surveys on email? well.. heres one
about me. Read. enjoy.

1) Name? Mallori M.

2) Nicknames? Mallo, Mal, Malz, Mal-Mal, Malmo, Canadian,
Whore, Sparkle, or Rainbow Bright

3) School? Allen High School.. yay?

4) Eyes? Grey.

5) Height? About 5’4

6) Been so drunk you blacked out? Haha.. a FEW times.. ;o)

7) Missed school because it was raining? Yep.. but it was
3rd grade.. I don’t think that counts?

8) Kept a secret from everyone? Haha.. yeah.

9) Had an imaginary friend? Haha yes.. and still do! ;o)
… just jokin..

10) Wanted to hook up with a friend? NUMEROUS times

11) cried during a movie? Yeah.. but I only cry in Disney
movies.. im weird I guess.

12) Had a crush on a teacher? umm no

13) Ever thought an animated character was hot? Bart
Simpson would be a hot mofo.. lol

14) Had a New Kids On The Block tape? … no.

15) Prank called someone? Haha.. yeah.

16) Been on stage? Yes Ma’am I have. A lot of times.

17) Favorite shampoo? I don’t really have one.. but Herbal
Essences smells real nice.

18) Favorite soap? … soap is soap.

19) Day/Night? Night baby… OHHH yeahhhh.

20) Summer/Winter? Winter.

21) Fav. Cartoon Character: anyone from the
movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”

22) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not yet…

23) Like anyone? ..I have my eye on a few people..

24) Who have you known the longest of your friends?
Jaimee!! (13 years!)

25) Who's the loudest? Umm.. most likely.. Cheryl

26) Who's the most shy? Shy?? My friends? Haha that’s cute.

27) When do you cry the most? Uhh.. Valentines day. *RIP
Adam.. I love you! :o(*

28) Have you cut your own hair? No.. but I did cut my dogs
hair once.. haha. Never again..


30) Been sarcastic? Psh. No. *see above question for

31) Met someone new? …. No.. I have NEVER met a new
person in my whole entire life. *good lord.. what kinda ?
is this..*

32) Favorite people to talk to? Umm.. anyone? Im kinda
bitchy at times.. who pretty much who ever will actually

33) Last time you fought with your parents? In the
process right now.

34) Have you ever wished upon a star? .. haha.. actually
yes.. but I was drunk.

35) When did you laugh until you cried? Haha.. I do that a
lot actually.. im usually laughing at my stupidity or my
sissy Jennifer’s

36) Have you ever watched the sunrise/sunset? *sigh*

37) Read a book for fun? Actually yes.. the House of
Leaves.. get it.. read it.. TRY to understand it..
amazing book actually.

38) Favorite meal? I uhh.. just like Food. :o)

39) Are you lonely right now? Are you hitting on me?
(ahaha just kidding) I feel im alone in the world. Like
no one really cares. And I feel like im the only person in
this entire state of mind.. in humanity, who is ever
alone. If that’s what you mean.. then yes, im lonely.

40) Are you happy right now? Psh. Hell no. im never truly

41) Do you have a crush on someone? Haha.. kinda

42) Do you believe in God/ the devil? To an extent..

43) Do you believe in love? I did once upon a time. But
for now.. Love is to strong of a word.. and its used way to
often by the wrong people.

44) Do you believe in the Closet Monster? Well. My house
is haunted for real… not to mention my room is the horror
site.. so yeah.

45) Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? I guess… I
don’t know.

46) Do you believe in Heaven/Hell? … im not to sure..
kinda out of my mental reach

47) Do you believe in superstitions? Yes… very much

48) Favorite band? Oh PLEASE don’t get me started.

49) How many people are on your buddy list? 200

50) What are your favorite shoes? Uh.. I don’t really
have a favorite.. but my favorite to wear are my vans, or
DCs or.. my house shoes… :o)

51) How do you eat an Oreo? I.. put it in my mouth…. ?

52) Favorite type of music? Um.. Punk/Rock/Emo/ or just
the tenny bit of rap *for Joes sake*

53) Favorite food? Food.


55) Are you too shy to ask someone out? I rather not..
but it wont stop me.

56) If you could change your name, what would it be? …
something besides Mallori.

57) Have you ever been in love? Yes. *tear*

58) What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?
HAHAHAH.. the DUMBEST? Oh Good Lord…

59) What will your first son's name be? Scott. Its my
favorite bois name in the world (Scotty… don’t be
flattered.. I had that planned before you came along hun..
lol.. just jokin) Or maybe Adam.. thatd be nice.. :o)

60) First daughter? Tabitha, Margaux (mar-go) or Talena

61) Do you like scary or happy movies? Scary.

62) On the phone or in person? What the hell are you
talking about?
63) Lust or Love? The same thing in my book. Fuck Love.

64) Do you consider cheerleading a sport? *sigh* I
guess… since I was one for a while.. but then.. I left the
dark side *haha*

64) Whats your Favortie Color? Umm.. Black… Or anything
bright. I like colors :o)

That’s it.. hope ya learned something.