2003-03-01 00:11:25 (UTC)

Good day vs. Bad day

So I'm going to sleep two days ago, and I just get this
thing that I sense a good day coming on the next day. I
didn't feel it. There was definately no feeling involved,
but, just something. It made me sure the next day would be
good. Irony: It was.

Yesterday I was going to sleep and that same sense came to
me. It was the opposite this time. Today was to be a bad
day. I was hoping this wasn't right, but I just had proof
that this thing works since yesterday was good. Irony: It
was bad.

I got a C in Chemistry. A high C, which is not the bad part
but it leads into a bad part. I got my Depression test back
which I bombed. 67%. I never had a grade like that in U.S.
History. I know my stuff. A few of the things I didn't
know. A few got mixed up, but most of them were like WHAT
simple I couldn't believe what I marked. Everything was
just not going too well scholastically. I had some friends
join me for lunch today, and my friends hardly ever come.
So that was nice. There are worse things though. I was
looking forward to French Club practice, even though I knew
that my dancing would just not work out very well. When I
was changing the security was tense. They told everyone to
leave the school imidiately and the after school stuff to
shut their doors. We were just like, umm okay. Going on our
stuff. Then a teacher walks in and sais we have to evacuate
the building immediately. So we left.
The things I was so happy about was that I had clothes to
change into, and I would feel very comfortable today. Too
bad it was kinda cold and I had to walk out in my tall
boots and shorts which didn't match at all. Weird huh?


P.S.I realized that acting, and reading a play are two
totally different things. Looking back at that casting call
for a polish t.v. show I realized I can act better then I
read. A helpful lesson. Today in English I was reading the
part of Hamlet. I didn't want anyone else to take that part
cause they read it like it's a note. No feeling. It was the
end of act 3 so if you ever read it you know what I mean.
It's alot of action, and if read right could be really fun.
When I read to myself it's fun. Out loud doesn't work out
all the time. And somehow my volume doesn't do the wonders
it seems to try to do when I read in my head.
Same thing with freestreet script reading.