My ONly desire
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2003-02-28 22:53:44 (UTC)

Screaming Thoughts

Dear Megan,
Just came home from another day at my school "PMS"
and pretty much the initials expalin it all! i didnt go to
school yesterday because how stressed i was the night
before, i didnt get much sleep. well apparently everyone
found out that i broke up with JT. so like people were
coming up to me and were just like i herd u broke up with
JT? it just got me mad and not in a good mood. i really
regret doing that to him. i mean i really didnt wanna i
wanted it to last. but damn the fact i cant see him ne
more. hahaha sort of like romeo and juliet, they werent
able to see each other...ok bad senario but you get it. i
didnt want to hurt him. he means too much to me.
Ok it was so weird. today after school i was
walking home with johnny and omg there were these uhmm 3
guys yea three guys and they were all asking me for a BJ.
im just like holy fuck no way. they think im 14 and in the
8th grade but really im 13 in 7th. so they're the
dumbasses! lol!!!
My head hurt so much today at school. i couldnt see
right. apparently i had taken way too much tylenal!!! lol.
oh well. i guess thats wut you get. i cant even fucking
think right. seems like everything is screaming out at me.
but oh well. ok i gotta go. not too much to say. just a
check in! bye bye
much love