My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-02-28 22:29:37 (UTC)

*this is where halo turns to horns.*

Hi. Today.. to put it NICELY... was SHIT. well.. SHIT
doesnt even describe it.. i mean.. Ugh.. i need to make Up
a word to describe this day!!!!!! it was unbareable!
ok.. lets start from the start~~~

I wake up.. like.. 3 hours before im supposted to.. *like
usual.. i never sleep right.. UGH* ok then.. i cant fall
back to sleep.. so i wake up litterly every damn 20
minutes.. and look at the clock.. and in my head.. im
afraid i slept past my alarm? when it was only 5 minutes..
fucking redicilous.. anyways. So.. i sleep on and off
for.. uh.. about 2 and a half hours. then i finally get up
at 5:30 bc i cant possibly sleep anymore.. and i get in the
shower.. Well. To make THAT hell.. im out of conditioner..
yeah.. i was mad... so i get out.. and im about to get
dressed.. ALL my clothes are dirty. That is HUMANLY
impossible.. i have enough clothes to clothe the entire
country of turkey.. yet my clothes are dirty? So.. i have
to dress like a freakin prep today.. I couldnt stand it..
then.. people are freakin complmenting me on how good i
look. im like DAMNIT.. im not a prep.. i didnt wear ANY of
my candies.. or my rings.. or my necklaces.. i honestly
didnt look like a punk/freak/skater.. i dont know.. what
evevr in the fuck people call me.. im just refered to as
Mallori.. or.. the canadian. ANYways. so i look like a
prep from HELL.. and HELL it was. even one of my techers
commented. ok anyways. The Guy i like.. total blows me
off.. and were like.. pretty much dating.. he says hi to
me. and goes and talks to this other fat ass bitch for
like.. the entire passing period.. so i dont even talk to
him.. and when i do? he just says hi with a half ass hug
and a shrug.. OHH is he about to get it. ok so.. then i
hear some stupid bitch is saying MORE shit about me..
ARG... rumors are SO gay.. i dont get it. were almost out
of fucking high school.. and your still making up rumors?
sorry... high school.. not elementary.. You think youd
learn by now. So being me.. i dont start them back.. i
just swear on it ima beat this bitch into a coma.. bc its
been going on for.. oh.. a month or two? not to mention she
used to be my best friend?? well.. yeah. then.. the day
gets longer.. and lonnnngerrrr.. and by the end of the
day.. i have a migrain and fucking cramps from hell. Oh
yeah. that ALWAYS makes your day peachy. i didnt eat ALL
day.. so i was really shaky and dizzy.. i had dance
today..*didnt help.* and so yeah. then i get home.. just
to hear satan bitch some more about shit that doesnt have
to do with absoutly ANYTHING. (oh and btw.. shes now
backing out of the nose peircing.. well satan.. just to
inform you.. you either take me to get it done.. or ill do
it my self with a saftey pin like i was about to..) jesus.
So.. its now 4:30.. i have SO much more of this day to go
through.. YAY.

i have to go shopping tonight for my friend Kristen.. her
birthday party thing it tomorrow.. so yeah. Im just going
to see her and meet some men.. and get out of the house
until 1 a.m.... why pass it up?~ free food.. men.. music..
and a hot tub and heated pool. Ah.. my kinda saturday
night... only without the alcohol... but eh.. you cant
expect everything. the only thing is.. that bitch i talked
about before? is going to be there.. Heh.. >;)..

anyways.. thats my day so far.. i didnt go into every
detail.. like failing a quiz with a freakin 8. YYYYES. and
8.... woo. SHOOT ME NOW. so in class me and taylor figured
what would be the easiest way of killin my teacher.. and
then it wondered into another me being president stage..
*oh btw.. im going to run for president... you should vote
for me too..* haha. yeah. im so encredibly bored.. i think i
want to do something with Joseph this weekend.. *i love my
Joe!* haha. Well.. im going to go .. i need to freakin
change out of these clothes.. gets my NORMAL attire on. if
anything intresting happens.. ill be back.
See you when i see you~