2003-02-28 22:23:33 (UTC)


yesterday i was sick so i didn't go to work, it was nice
to have a break for once. i slept most of the day and also
finished my presentation. the presentation went so great
today, flowed smoothly and they loved it. anyway, last
night was INCREDIBLE. i mean all i can say was WOW. i mean
i didn't even feel sick. truth is i've never felt better
in my life. hey damian.... thank you sooooo much, you
always know how to make me feel better, and boy there was
no better way than that. man ever time i hear ur voice or
see ur face i fall in love with u all over again. i was
thinking about u all day today. i kinda based my
presentation around u so it was bad having u in my head
while trying to work. baby just u wait until what happened
last night occurs again. it'll be even better tho just
wait till u see how. i have to play at that frat party
tonight but have no worries sexy, i'm all urs and nobody
else's. i'm gonna get going. love you dearly. muah. Song
of the entry "All The Love In The World" -The Corrs