Just another FSU nole
2003-02-28 21:12:42 (UTC)

A Friday

Well, turns out that they do put on the dates to these
submissions. Anyway, if I could suggest something for this
place. They should get spell check, because if people
actually read my stuff they will be like what a dumb ass.
anyway, my forte isn't spelling just to let you know.
Anyway I have realized what attracts me in girls...well
besides being short. Hehe, they have to be intelligent the
couple people that I have liked have been extremely
intelligent and lke someone that I can have some deep convo
with..without her laughing at me or saying wow you think
too much. hehe anyway i am getting of a high of an
intellectual convo. so many things to think about. thank
god we don't have to do that all the time. hehe i think i
would go crazy. anyway lets see what to update you on my
eventful life. hmmm i think absolutely nothing has happn
to me worth typing about since i last typed. i haven't felt
like really doing anything like i really have to try
getting myself out of bed. it feels so pointless. just
going through the motions almost. i dunno. i guess that is
life i wish i could find that spark though that would make
life worth living. and although i am hinting toward
finding my soulmate, which would be nice, hehe i am trying
for the first time to find it enternally. but it is really
dark in here. o well write in here later. peace everyone.