My Life As...
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2003-02-28 20:30:41 (UTC)


well its like 3:30 i just got home from school, and such,
and i tried to write in this thing yesterday but it said
something was wrong with the survery, o well. well i dont
know what to write about so i guess ill just write about my
day. i woke up at like 5:30, got in the shower and rinsed
out the conditioner in my hair then got dressed n went to
school...blah blah as usual i was so tired! haha! but the
later i go to sleep the easier it is for me to wake up. i
dont know. im wierd. i guess everything was normal today.
Rj is gonna pick me and molly and maybe hanna up tonight. i
dont know where we are gonna go cuz we are sneaking out of
my damn house in the first place so we can't go there. rj,
billy and kyle.and stuff, i dunno. lol it should be
interesting...hanna still has a dime left of CHEEEEBA so i
guess well smoke that..and rent a movie and chill n hang
out like normal people do. then go to the COUNTRAY! wooo
hoo!!! its not 3:32, an im done. haha xoxo cassie :)