No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-02-28 20:03:24 (UTC)


I tried to update yesterday...but the servers were down :(
Ok, so Wednesday I hung out with Terry. We went to the mall
and Tropical Smoothie and that. I had fun :D
Yesterday I didn't do too much...didn't do much today
I went to talk to 1SG today :D It was awesome. He said I am
Big-Dog Colorguard commander next year. :D That is SO cool.
He said I can have whoever I want on it also :D I'm keeping
my Colorguard from this year :D Heck yeah! I LOVE THEM. :D
I'm excited. I also get a squad or platoon possibly. But, I
want a squad more than a platoon.
I'm gunna go.