Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-02-28 18:09:05 (UTC)

Going Home Again

Heading back to good ol' NE for the weekend today. Have to
get ready for the trip to Ireland and say bye to my family.
I gotta say, this is going to be hard. There's so much to
do! I've got to pack, buy things, figure out what to bring
and how much, and get it changed into Euros. I'm gonna miss
everyone a lot, but the group I'm going with is really
cool. It should be a lot of fun!

However... before going...

Another paper, a midterm, and God only knows what else. Dr.
White really dropped a bomb when he gave us the study guide
for the Linguistics final, which I have to take on
Wednesday instead of Friday because we leave on Thursday. I
hope that I don't have anything for my math. I should be
able to get any reading I have due for Lit Crit done before
hand, but then I'm going to start re-reading Wyrd Sisters
so that I can write a paper on it through the Feminine
Perspective, which is due in April. I'm tired, and I just
want to relax, but that won't be happening. This weekend
will be all work and preparation, but hopefully I can get a
lot done and then I can relax during the week, maybe play
some more Suikoden. I miss my mommy. Did I mention I'm
tired? I'm also thinking that I need to talk to Dr. Barta-
Smith because the entire situation of getting an internship
is sucking. I NEED a specialized area of writing... I don't
know what though! But I'm afraid to talk to her, because
she's scary and I hate feeling stupid. Did I mention I'm
tired? Can't wait for that car ride home! Gotta pack up
Plato so Mom can fish-sit him.

Ok, time for Math. Shoot me.
Less than a week to go!

6 days till Ireland

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