REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-02-28 18:02:43 (UTC)

no snow

yo i thought we were gonna have a delayed opening. So i
put my alarm on for 9! and then when i got all ready at
night my moms like all pissed at me. IM like wat did i do
now! and shes like there was no reason for you not to go
to school.i started lauighin and im lie mom its delaye
opening shes like uh no there isnt! no one called...oops
my bad! lol so my moms like just stay home as long as you
dont have any testts or anything. so i got a free day off.
Um... softball try outs are march 17 just so you know. I
have to go tomarrow morning to sighn up for baberuth!...im
bored theres nothing to do and no one to talk to. i was
talkin to ryan king and my brothers friend. They weer the
only ones on. LOL so i had interesting convos with
them...you know about how ice cream is soo dam sexy. ok
well...i have nothing to talk about at all...so this is a
mad gay entery but 0-well...

if anyone wants my e-mail address its [email protected]