My Life
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2003-02-28 15:38:59 (UTC)

A little about me...

I'm a bisexual 15 year old that lives in Tennessee.I go to
Gateway Christian School which is a home school.I have a
half sister and a half brother(know one really knows
about).Nancy(my sister)just turned 21 and is now 4-5 months
pregnant after trying for 3-4 years.I can't really tell you
about Steve(brother)because I haven't seen him since I was
6.No one but my family knows about them because I lie to
them when they ask if I have a brother.I'm going to start
telling people the truth now because I found out why he
never comes around or calls and I really don't blame him
for it.Anywho,I have 3 dogs,cat,and some fishes.I don't
have any piercings but I'll be getting some
soon.I have 1 tattoo.It's a sword going through a butterfly.I'm also
gonna get more soon.Well,that's all I can think of right now.

RBS and MS are just initials.

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