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2003-02-28 14:29:38 (UTC)

long time no write :p

Whew! Its been a while again since the last time I write in
here..oh well..been very busy with my life....busy with
God, work, family and other things.

The 3 day retreat was indeed awesome...I felt like I dont
wanna end that retreat! It was like Im just having a nice
talk with God and that I just let it all out.

After that I believe my spritual life became stronger and
Im so happy about it. I've never been so sad and bothered
coz I have Jesus in my life.

Whew..I finally managed to bought some pre paid internet
card and was able to go online here at home and I wont let
this night pass if I havent written anything in here
(excuse me for my English)... I bought a guitar (wahoooo!!!!) Been longing to
have my own guitar coz I really wanted to learn how to play least a few couple of songs..praise and worship
songs and a few rnb or pop maybe..hopefully...and now Im on
my way to planning how can I have that self study in
playing the guitar!

OH well...I dunno what to say as of the moment since I feel
so light and free...Im so happy that everyone in the house
is already blessed and have accepted Jesus Christ as our
Lord and Saviour... indeed our home became a true home.
Worry is negative to us anymore..especially to
me...ahh..great! awesome! thank you Lord God! thank you
Jesus! thank you Holy Spirit for staying in our lives.

Opppss.. i gotta go now... hope to go online more often
since this is a new acct! lolz..

catchya laterz!

10:32 PM

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