Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-28 13:08:12 (UTC)

Me and Kaelah

I am going to dedicate a significant ammount of this entry
to my buddy Kaelah. Now as she lies behind me onm y
couch.. in her "nice-drunk" state I reflect on how awesome
she is... but that isn't hard cos not much of a moment with
Kaelah goes past when I don't realise what an awesomely
kind and generous person she is. She is gonna buy me a new
phone cover.. just for nothing.. she's just gonna bye me a
new phone cover all becasue she wants me to feel special..
what a great girl she is.. one of the most special people I
will ever know. Wow! I love Kaelah. She just whispered to
me that she wants to keep drinking "we will when my sister
goes to bed Kay". Hmmmm... we're having a nice time
tonight. Gab was suposed to come too but she doesn't.. I
was kinda dissapointed. Bus I got over it.. cos I know how
much she wants to be able to hang out with emma. so me and
Kaelah are just having a great time together. hmm what a
special person she is. We've gone through a lot together.
She wants me to go and make her some popcorn.. "I will get
to it soon K!" Hmm my sisters friend is watching Fight
Club. After that me and Kaelah will watch Reservoir Dogs
and we will eat the popcorn.. the end for tonight bubye!