Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-02-28 12:44:58 (UTC)

Gotta hate life again

life is boring and yes to everyone who reads this i
probably am obcessed with amber and beck but i know that
shit will never happen so oh well

and there is a special someone out there i know but i know
who it isn't is. i think i have this thing for trying to
get the impossible to happen its funny how you get told
something will never happen and all you want to happen is
what you have been told won't happen, i think thats the
way i am. enough of that

there is someone out there who i don't know if they read
this or not but i want to take her out for coffee but i
am too shy and i know she is just to good for me. and
probably a bit young but i am not after her for her age or
looks she is such a great person she is just so cool so
easy to get along with and i would hope if we ever got
together that she would be some fun to be with

i don't know what it is but i cannot work it out but why
is it that blokes have to have the best car
i mean theres this bloke here that keeps tryin to get me
to drag but then he swaps cars to a commodore
i own an excel thats real fair

i need some

drug of choice: bourbon
music of choice: she hates me - puddle of mudd