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2003-02-28 08:59:07 (UTC)

Crazy Ants

Arghhhhhhhhhh run for ya lives...Run for ya lives....Well
ok, it might not be that bad. It just sounds bad. And I
haven't even told you the bad yet. And you guys over there
should be safe, cause I don't think ants can swim, unless
they have come into contact with evil, evil green toxins
that make them mutate and trek their way across water to
terrorize the good folk over your way. Ok Ok I'll get to
the bad. I'll just take bits and peices from the article.
The scary sounding parts for you know, more effect.

Crazy killer ant set to invade: CSIRO

A crazy killer ant that can blind people could angrily
march its way across Australia, scientists warned.
(ARGHHHH, hold on just one big mean mother ant??)
Hundreds of millions of the ants have invaded north-east
Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, and could easily
spread further in a huge environmental and economic threat
to Northern Australia, Dr Hoffmann warned.(No, not just
one THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of them.)

The yellow crazy ant, aka Anoplolepis gracilipes, has been
blamed for the death of 20 million red crabs on Christmas
Island since 1989, and of a swag of other native birds,
animals and plants.

Described as one of the world's worst species of ant, the
crazy critter doesn't bite or sting - instead it sprays
acid into the eyes of animals, and potentially humans, the
CSIRO warned.(*applies anti acid ant spit goggles)

"The ant sprays formic acid as a means of subduing its
prey - if people get the acid on their hands and then rub
their eyes, you are basically putting acid in your eye,"
CSIRO researcher Ben Hoffmann said.

"If left untreated, you can go blind.(How can you get
acid in ya eye and NOT get it treated. It would hurt like a
bitch. "Don't worry I've got acid eating my eyes out. Maybe
it will go away.)

And the name? Swarms of the one cm long creatures just look
crazy, Dr Hoffman said.(How scientific is that. How
about Acid Spitting Crazy Mother Fucking Ants. Crazy just
makes em sound loopy or something, not deadly.)

"If you disturb a nest, just turn over a rock or something
like that, you basically come over thousands of ants that
are just running around erratically. Hence the name crazy
ants, it just looks like a really crazy mess."


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