Stop Whining
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2003-02-28 06:48:25 (UTC)

Is this thing on?

Hi, you have just become someone I pity. What you will
find in the contents of these virtual pages will less than
likely entertain you. I've merely sought a place to speak
about my problems in life and philosophise out loud about
them, without scaring my pets.

Everyone has problems in life. If we were all
euphorically happy, nothing would ever get done. Learn
this and embrace it, because if you didn't have to earn
anything, you wouldn't appreciate it. Anyhow, enough
lecturing you, becuause if you've made it this far, you
have expressed a desire to see what exactly I have to
whine about.

Well, I'm a straight male, so take a wild guess what my
biggest problem in life is. For those of you with flaccid
intellects or just some really good dank, that problem
would be women (girls would also have been accepted by the
judges). I'll get into the details in a new post as it
will take one to sort things out for us both.

- Twitch