Welcome to own demise
2003-02-28 05:45:07 (UTC)

patience is a virtue.

So alberts got me worried... one step forward 2 steps back
wiht him my god. i wish he had a cell phone.. he still
hastn called me. i know he works today i dont know until
what time though.... i just called him bout 10 mins ago,
thats bout 915 his time... not home.. ohi realy truly hope
he didnt do anything stupid. i think im gonna call him
tomorrow about 430 my time, he called me last friday about
that time so im assuming hell be home.

i feel so funny. i dont know if its the worrying or what
but im all tremble-y. wenever i walk my head spins and i
feel like im gonna pass out. its prolly just low blood
sugar, ive been drinking orange juice to give me some
sugar... i should eat something but i relaly dont want to.
yesterday iw as soo god i didnt eat a single thing. today
i had 3 crackers. one and half of them had peanut butter
on them the other didnt, and a fortune cookie. the fortune
didnt make much sense... "an ounce of pluck is worth a ton
of luck"......... um.......thats great. god im so fat
looking today and the past couple days, its pissing me
off. my heart is going so fast and im just sittin here.
its been beating like that off and on since...... well all
day. i guess i should be worried bout that but im not...

im supposed to go out with dave tomorrow. go to the game
at bens then an after party. whatever i wear to school im
gonna wear out, i think im ognna wear all black tomorrow,
but i know dave'll say something bout it. lol i dunno i
guess e'll just see how bloated i look tomorrow right?
yea. god i feel so weak.

i actualy studied for my business test tomorrow. and i did
all my homework. yay me.

ive been listenin to all these sappy ass songs, all
evening... "dream a little dream of me"... :( i hope hes
ok. ok this is bugging me hold on im gonna take my pulse.
112. i dont even know if thats good or bad. blah. my head
hurts too. its beenhurting since bout 7th period.
ok so today i had the crackers yea yea and yesterday
nothing.... tuesday... a spoonful of peanut butter and
fries. urgh like a whole plate of em, fatass. monday... i
ate a lot. a pack of easy mac and some mexican food my dad
brought home for me, and i think a cereal bar... i dunno i
know i had one either mon or tues. cant remember tho.. oh
well.. blah i feel kinda sick. im ok tho. ill be fine.

i think im gonna pick up my shit and head on to bed since
alberts not gonna call me and dvae never called me
back....... oh no i gotta make a cd or 2 first, ok then
ill go to bed. ok blah peace! lol