Nick's Journal
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2003-02-28 05:40:43 (UTC)

Intellectuals - Shut Up

Intellectuals. they're the worst. they are the ones that
think they are smart, and try to prove it through
harrowing accounts of their own intelligence. amongst
their extollments there are chasms of insecurity. shut the
fuck up. all teachers are "intellectuals" get a
bad grade because you don't thikn like them. give me a
fucking break. i'm sick of authors,
scientists, "intellectuals".........rule makers.
congress? you're a joke. it is my personality to
quesition authority and here i am. i quesiton patriotic
act II what the fuck are you all thinking? christ you're
not! this act won't limit the potentiality of terrorism
that's ridiculous!!! anyhow, i like my german teacher cos
she detaches herself from the intellectual bubble,
allowing her to be the same manifestation that i am. a
manifestation of 10% of my brain. a person that is not
smart enough to conjure the fundamental theorem of
calculus. who the fuck cares? not me.
let me tell you the knowledge that matters. manipulation.
believe this or not.............just remember, it'll be
better for you if you remember.........................

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