Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-02-28 05:36:32 (UTC)

Yesterday Today

Well thanks to the data-base repairs or whatever was going
on last night my perfect record of writing everyday has
been spoiled.. but i'll forgive and forget and get on with
my entry on what happened yesterday....

I begin with... Jackshit!

That was pretty much it... hurrah!

I might continue this entry with what happened today so
far. Well hmmm I found out that I won't be going to the Ben
Harper concert because the tickets sold out before my
sister could motivate herself to purchase some... and I
cleaned the house. The night is young though (this being
due to the fact that it is 3:30 in the afternoon) and
Kaelah and Gab are coming over for a movie night.. should
be fun.. anyways.. that's that. end.