2003-02-28 04:45:50 (UTC)

French Club

Is looking up. The main sponsor told me that our dance so
far looks good. I didn't pay much attention to that because
I think we still kinda suck and are very much un nsync. But
she said we just gotta work on that part a bit.
The part that makes this worth while to write down in here,
especially on my buys saturday, is that she said that it's
cool cause we're all very diverse. We have totally
different personalities. Like there are a few ballet
dancers, some jazz dancers, an irish dancer e.t.c. There
are also those who get the music put together, the girl
whose mom and her made our costumes, Krystal who puts it
all together, our prez, and I'm the one who makes sure
everyone is there. (Or tries to make sure of it atleast.

I was flattered as hell. I didn't see it from that
perspective. I was seeing it more as, we're so diverse this
is not gonna work out for shit. But this makes it almost
like a movie thing where all these diverse people, who are
the exact opposites of each other are forced together to
work on some kind of project, and at first they argue alot,
but then they all come together and it's wonderful. (Sorry
for making that one sentance. It must have been hard to
read. Believe me it was tough to write. I didn't breathe
for one moment in between the non period lines.

I must sleep.

Wow, before I go I just realized something. Yesterday night
I told myself: I don't know why, but tomorrow is going to
be a good day. I just felt like for some reason it will.
And it was. I don't know where it came from either. Because
I didn't really feel it. It just kinda came. Like a non
linear explosion. Only this time, in a positive way. So I
got really happy by I guess being by Kathy or something. I
was in the Eagle posture clapping. That amused our little
trio. Eric wasn't there today. Oh well. Maybe that's why
the atmosphere improved.

He used to be fun to talk to, but now he bores me. He's
strangely intersting. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion
where you just feel like telling him to shut the hell up.
And you do tell him that.

Toodles!!! Gotta sleep.