Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-02-28 04:13:51 (UTC)


I have been a real bitch lately without knowing why... I
think it could be PMS... because I am supposed to start
soon So I think that could be it. I mean, me and Cory
really get in bad fights always about this time.. I have
noticed that, dude, I am a ragging bitch when I am PMSing!
Shit, I never knew it until now. I get so edgy.
I am very happy with Cory right now, he is my sunshine in
the day and he is my um, well he is MINE! (hehe) well my
friend Jaymie just discovered her diary on this site and I
think she loves it, even though she doesnt use it all that
often. (oh yea and sorry if I spelled thatwrong) and
Brittany I didnt forget about you. *sniff* you are like my
babysister! hehe! you too Jaymie. I love you guys and you
guys better start getting alongbetter or I will kick you
asses. LOL!
well I dontknow whatelse to write so I will let you guysgo.
Peace.. hehe

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