Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-02-27 10:33:17 (UTC)

slipping into the slicks

well, as odd as it may seem, i am a little, uhm..

well, odd is the only word to come to mind...

for some reason, i am thinking this job i am employed with may
actually last longer than 8 months, which is positively shocking
to me... i can't stand doing the same thing for a long time, i
prefer to move on, and do something else, of course, i end up
returning to the same kinds of jobs, just simply different

i am finally getting dental work done, now that i have benefits,
yay, but they only cover about a $1000, the work i need done
will cost about $3000, not including some of the other stuff i
want done... so, it looks like i won't be getting my jaw broken,
and wired shut for 6 weeks, like i was hoping..

did i just say that? yeah, fucking weird... meh

so, my teeth will get fixed, and i will feel better about myself,
right now, i feel like a damned pariah around grrls because i have
bad teeth, i know, maybe stupid but whatever... my teeth will be
straight, well, yeah, and i'll have had my cavaties fixed.. which is
something i've been wanting done for a hell of a long time...

then all i have to do is work on the rest of me... i need to loose
weight, i need to excercise, i need to stop eaching so much shit
from fast food places...

so, who knows how it will all turn out... maybe i'll get the grrl i
really want, only she doens't know i want her, unless she's way
more intuitive than i think, which wouldn't surprise me, but
until i ask, it's not going to happen... and i won't do it until i am
finished with the dentistry, and gotten a fair ways into the
whole loosing weight thing....

i also want to be well into making my online business work, or
at least be able to give it the time it needs to be done, etc....

and i'd like to have my jeep...

so, i figure, it'll be about 9 months or so... then i can ask her
out... and go from there... who knows..

I think i am a little.... well...... happy...