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2003-02-27 10:11:42 (UTC)


so im drunk and a little high off some magic mushrooms
right now but overall i feel happy...i had fun
tonight...i got really drunk and high as is
sucked that neither alex, natalie, or ray came because if
they came they would have had so much fun but next week
you guys...anyhoos i hope your all feeling better and shit
because i love you guys so much and i missed you
tonight!...i was dancing and im like "hmmm..i wish my
friends were here because it would be so much more fun
with them" but, sigh, you guys were either sick or feeling
curd...mind you i totally forgot to call ray lets hope he
was sick because if he wasn't im going to be so mad at
myself that he couldn't have came...but but but lets go on
to the good stuff....

"You like my eyes?"


"Of course they are."

"May I ask you a personal question?"

"Have you ever retired a human by mistake?"

so at five i ran into Mike of course...mike is the guy
that i fooled around with once and i wish i never did
ever...well he was there and he's like hey how've you been
blah blah blah i wanna punch him but im being nice so im
like good good...night goes on and he comes up to me and
buys me drinks all night and hes talking to me "so what
ever happened between us?" im like "im retarded what'd you
want?" just so he'd get out of my face....he goes on and
on "its my fault im a loser i ruined everything...blah
blah like "k stop talking to me because i don't
want to talk to you...its my fault not yours so fucking
shit"...i ditch him and start talking to David who is this
really cute 34 year old (34! yes!) jewish (jewish! yes!)
guy and we make out all night and he wants to totally have
sex with me and hes giving me hand jobs in the club and
guess what i do? I SAID NO!! yay for me! im like NO I
MY HANDS DOWN YOURS!...i was so happy for me! im like you
know what it doesn't fulfill me so im not going to do it
anymore...he understood...he still wanted me to go to his
place for like no im going home with aldirto to
my bed...i felt so good! it felt good to just be like no
you know what im better then your hands down my pants...i
want someone who cares and loves and as much as your cute
and jewish i just don't want that...he was really cool
about it though...he understood where i was coming
from...and i kept saying to him that me and my friend
aldirto made a rule earlier that we were not going to have
sex with anyone because it sucks...and we kept our
promise!...apparently while i was making out, mike the
loser, kept saying to aldirto that he liked me and then,
the dickhead, he says to aldirto "so i make $80,000 a year
i could totally buy you because your easy"...WHAT? OMG if
aldirto told me this in the club i would've slapped mike
myself and kicked him and said don't ever say that to my
friend again! what a fucking dickhead! who the fuck does
he think he is? ahh i was so mad when aldirto told me in
the like why didn't you tell me in the club that
he said this i would've kicked his fucking retarded ass
that stupid loser who i could wrangle his neck....ahhhh i
hate that guy im so mad at myself for doing stuff with hes so gross...ill barf on him barf argh
argh...illl i can't belive aldirto didn't say
something...i would've serously kicked his ass...but
anyways aldirto was fun..ricardo his stupid ex was there
and being a loser...we decided that guys suck balls
totally...we also decided that we weren't going to have
sex with each other ever because it would ruin
everything...that also goes with alex and ray...if we were
to ever have sex it would ruin everything so no sex you much as you guys want my
can't have it...booya as alexis would im drunk
and going to guys call me today because we're
all going to go out and hug each other!

miss you all...

hugs and kisses...


p.s. alex make sure you save your boogers for me because
i totally want some! and natalie save me some of your
curd feelings in a jar because i might need them on a

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