Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-02-27 07:31:41 (UTC)

a rainy day entry

Current mood: satisfied
Curren music: the rain outside

I'm sure you all think that all I ever talk about or think
about is Geoff, but to be honest the exact opposite is
true. This is the only place besides therapy that I'll let
myself talk about him. Blah, today has been an intresting
day...i loafed for most of it. Which is always nice, I
like doing nothing. I watched a few movies and talked to
people online and such. I'm on duty and we had this coffee
and krispy kreme thing tonight and that was fun, my room
was invaded from like 8-9, and then a few people showed up
the last hour. But thats all good because I have extra
doughnuts for myself. If anyone wants any stop by my room,
I don't think we're gonna pass them on, we have gotten
fresh ones the last few nights. Who knows...I don't even
really care, you want a doughnut come on by. All right
well its late and I'm tired...g'night.

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