2003-02-27 04:55:23 (UTC)


Tonight I feel really good, mainly because I worked out. I
love working out, you feel so good after.The only problem
is im not motivated to work out. I had kickboxing tonight
which I did for an hour and it was a very intense workout.
I never sweat so much in class, we learned some new combos
and kicks. We did sooo many situps and push ups (I dont do
the girly ones) so I was very tired. Then while I was
waiting for the bus and my friend erik came walking in so
I decided to work out with him for about another 1 1/2
hours. I did this step/walk thingy for about 30 minutes on
mountain climber and a bike for about 20. Then I did some
more lifting free weights and sit ups. Then we walked home
together. It was cool, he is breaking up with his g/f over
spring break so we talked about that most of the time, he
is really upset about it but he has his reasons to want
to. When I got home I got yelled at by my roommates, they
thought I got raped or something because I walked in
around 1045pm instead of 9 when I get out of class. It was
funny. Well that is all I have to say right now.BYE!!!

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