ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-02-27 04:04:52 (UTC)

It's late.....I need to fall asleep thinking about something else.....

ugh. guys suck. i'm over barret and dimitry. whoop-dee-doo
for me. i want a bf. damnit. and then there's life's awfully dull and boring. nothing
ever happens. its so bad to be a hopeless romantic and get
ignored and passed by.

RENT is great. modern 'la boheme'. i am sooo gonna see it
when i go to ny for spring break. it'll be good for me. i
need a break. santa fe--just like 'newsies'.

i need a bf. maybe then i'll be more open or
something....i need that desperately.

-going to bed early
-talking to a good friend about absolutely nothing
-knowing deep down that it's going to be a good day
-finding a lost sock
-remembering where the pair of the newly-found sock is
-making eye contact with a hot guy
-driving your own car
-visiting friends that you haven't seen for an extended
period of time
-reading a good book
-playing 'bubbly bees' at
-warm bread--fresh from the oven
-having a solo in a gorgeous suite...or
symphony...anything really as long as it's heartwrenching
and lyrical
-love at first sight
-inside jokes that are totally random to anyone else not
in on it
-daydreaming...letting your imagination take you anywhere
-watching nate pour a glass of water on david and then it
all ends up on his crotch
-singing disney songs
-listening to barret belch
-watching barret's eyes bulge when he's getting tickled

just something to think about.