Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2003-02-27 03:17:51 (UTC)

Funeral arrangements

So, I broke up with Jon tonight. I am just tired of being
with him and so unhappy. uuugggghhhhhh. Two words....

Pink Balloons

that's what Jon wants at his funeral he said....balloons.
And, above all things they have to be pink. My favorite
color. He's going to kill himself. But, I shouldn't be
with him just to save his life should I? I shouldn't drag
myself into his personal mental problems. But, It's all my
fault. He loves me and I just left him like Billy left
me. But, what else do I do. OMG>......I am soooo
confused. I have to go..time to pop out the razor blade.

I just looked back on this entry and I wrote this on the 26th not the
27 like the comptuter says I did........weird...