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2003-02-27 03:06:28 (UTC)

more of brad

im sure by now you know that brad and i are going out he
asked me on my birthday after we went to dinner with my
parents and last saturday was my party and that was when we
had our first kiss and monday we had a snow day so iwent
over to his house like all day and we sat arounf and
watched tv and played playsatation2 for like 4 hours but
when he droped me off we had our 2nd kiss and today he
drove me home frome school and guess what the 3rd so id say
things are going pretty well between us besides katie b/c
she hates him and he hates her so ya know im just in the
middle of them now i wish they could just get along but it
doesnt look like will be happening anyime soon so whateva
they do what they want we still promise to eachother that
we are going to watch the stars together but its been to
cold out for that but this weekend is dan cox birthday
party so i guess well see what happens there and ill get
back to all of you and wheni say all of you i mean cath
your still the onlyone who knows the password oh me katie
maddie and brad all whent to see a movie on sunday i think
and we looked up times on the internet and we wheer going
to see the life of david something or other b/c it said it
was pg13 so we get there and buy our tickets and go into
ther theater and the usher comes up to us and is like an
isee everones tickets? then we showd him the he goes can i
see you ids and we where like what where not 18 and hes
like you're going to have to see another movie we where
like ok? so we walk out and like we just wasted 6 bucks
what should we doso maddie finally ggoes up to the window
and is like you just sold us these tickets and it rated R
and the lady is like ok and takes them back and so we get
new tickets to see how to lose a guy in 10days and in the
movie of course the seating whent me brad maddie katie and
he would not do any thing in the movie so i finally just
kinnda made him hold my hand it was kinda gross though b/c
it was rather warm in the theater so both of our handwhere
sweating so that might have been why he didnt do it in the
first place but it was ok well i must go now and get ready
for bed or something like that