sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-02-27 02:47:05 (UTC)

$4.77 for a top??

Yeah, I paid less than 5 bucks for a new burgundy top w/ the flared arms at J.C. Penney's. I couldn't believe some of the sales they were having. I wished I could've had a lot of cash though. I haven't wrote in a long time, not sure why. I guess I've been kinda busy. So, tomorrow I'm going for like an interview at this dental office that I used to work at. I really hope they give me the job back, b/c w/ Dad's work closing and all, I need it bad. Hopefully that'll go well. Afterward, I'm walking to Mandy's to visit w/ Anthony and to help get him ready to go to the play center while she goes to her parenting classes. John finally got his car fixed, inspected and everything. He's really happy and excited. Chris called Mandy's collect and said that he wants to come home. I'm happy about that, he'll do much better up here. He might be in jail until July though, but hopefully not. I have a new neighbor upstairs, a guy, and he's sort of hot. Like in a different way. Not sure if he has a girl, probably shouldn't pursue it. How's the saying go?? Don't shit where you eat. Yes, that's it. I've been studying lots for my ged test that I'm taking next week. I'm working on the math now, my worst subject. I pray that I pass. Nick called me a few nights ago, he was bombed. No good for me!!! That's about it, just gonna go to bed a little early, I've got a busy day tomorrow, well not too busy.