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2003-02-27 02:39:05 (UTC)

*DiNnEr TiMe*

yea how bout me n my dad n Jess n her mom went out to eat
dinner n it wuz great! I to0k mad pix on muh digital cam
and yea tha waitor was cute so me n Jess got a pic with him
and I to0k one of him by himself lolol...it was funny
because I kept showing him pictures and hes all like.. wow
ur not shy at all are u?.. it was great man.. his name is
Mike and hes 19! but yes anywayz! About Bobby, I think I am
just going to say 4get it.. and about that guy Jerry, I
just gave up on his ass a long time ago, and his sister iz
annoyin as fuck now! yea she can go sumewhere cuz she aint
nuttin but a dumb ass broad who lo0kz like shes 12! she
keeps sayin shes co0l with me but yet she always ends up
talkin shit! I hate scandalous ass people! oh and Saturday
haha I cant wait till Saturday! N 2morra Im gettin muh pic
taken wiff Emily :) .. but yes, that is all.

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