Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-02-27 02:10:47 (UTC)


Yesterday morning on the way to school we got in a car
accedient. Not Funn the cop was an ass. He took the side of
the lady before he even talked to us. I zoned out in all
my classes and felt wierd all day. I was so scared because
it was the first accedient I have ever been in. I
was "being a Bitch". One day I dont feel like talking and
I'm a bitch. yeah this makes a lot of sence to me. I think
the only good things to happen was that I didn't have to
work and I meet Will. He is so cute. that day suxed so much
today was ok I was Hyper for some odd reason. I want to
see an aboptopsy! (or however you spell it) well I'm out

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