moe liljew

Could He be for me?
2003-02-27 01:50:45 (UTC)

For you Morgan

Hey, I remembered your passcode to this website so i thought
i would write you something while you were getting your cat-
scan. I havent heard from you in a few hours. Since you
called me last, it seems that an eternity has gone bye, my
nerves are on end, i am anxious for you and worried but i
am trying to remain hopeful. I dont know what could go
wrong with this, or what could go right, but i just wanted
to tell u that i miss you so much. My day is incomplete
since i havent talked to you at all nor seen your face.
Your presence is everything to me, if i dont have it, my
soul is unhappy. I miss you too much its insane. Hopefully
you will call shorty and want to come running into my arms
telling me about your day. I will be there waiting, with
open arms ready to waste away the nervousness and pain you
might have.

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