The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2003-02-27 01:39:17 (UTC)

confidence course 1

This is what I achieved in my first course:

For a confidence test, these were the results. The
percentage represent how much of that quality I've built

Impact 53%
This is your confidence in your ability to make a good
first impression, or impact on people. It is about the way
you feel, act and respond when you meet people for the
first time. It incorporates understanding body language,
and projecting a positive self-image. Stage 3 of ‘Get
Confident’ will focus on impact.

Thought 80%
This isn’t about always having a bright and sunny outlook -
it is about learning to recognise the relationship between
your thoughts and your feelings, and learning to question
negative thoughts to find out whether or not they are
justified. Stage 4 of ‘Get Confident’ will focus on thought.

Emotional Confidence 72%
Emotional confidence is about handling conflicts,
recognising other people’s emotion and feeling comfortable
with yourself. Stage 5 of ‘Get Confident’ will focus on
emotional confidence.

Action 55%
This is about having the confidence to take action to make
the most of your potential. It might be in setting personal
goals, grasping the opportunities that come your way, or
being able to talk to people - either in conversation or
public speaking. Stage 6 will focus on action.
Test results suggest that I should:

I want to feel comfortable making small talk with strangers.
I want to be able to enter a room full of people and feel
good about myself.
I want to be more relaxed socially.
I want to be able to take on leading a group or team.
I want to be able to focus on my successes rather than my
I want to be able to turn my hand to public speaking.
I want to get better at handling difficult people.
I want to be more able to make conversation with a wide
variety of people.
A worksheet I filled out on reasons why I want confidence:
What are your aims?
I am hoping to be able to talk to anyone, and not be
afraid. I hope to find ways to talk to people and make good
impressions. I want to find ways of being able to walk to
school and feel on top of the world. I want to find ways to
talk to someone part of the opposite sex. I want to just
feel proud of who I am and be surrounded be people.
Why is this such an important aim?
I think I am trying to get something out of me. As time
passes, I feel as though I am losing more of myself. I want
to feel confident about what I do and gain satisfaction
from my actions. I don’t want to be a nothing. I want to
make something out of which I am. I want to gain confidence
and be able to live life without the torture of fear. I
hate going to school and being afraid of being lonely
today, or of talking to people. I think all the time, why
can’t I talk normally to people? Why am I so weird? I want
to make myself into someone I’m proud of, and I think
confidence is needed to do this.
What makes achieving this aim difficult at the
I think it’s because I’m afraid of so many things, and
feel so unsure of myself. I’m afraid of what others will
think because I feel everything I do is wrong. I just am
unable to go at things and relax… I have like high rising
blood pressure or something that makes me feel nervous to
speak out.
What strengths do you have to help achieve this
I don’t think I have much strength… I can talk better
online then off… but, I am to share secrets with people,
it’s hard to say. I don’t think I have ANY strength that
would help me.
What direct action can you start taking to work
towards this aim?
I don’t know… Now, I’m trying to think up of conversations
to talk about… but it seems I have nothing to say, and no
one would care… It sort of sucks. I try to talk more, but I
have so little to say… I hope to fix this soon.