Nick's Journal
2003-02-27 00:40:15 (UTC)

Rand Riting

I just farted while waiting in line for coffee. noone was
behind me so i figured i was safe. right after it came
out two girls and a guy get behind me. talk about shit
luck. it's snowing a-christing-god-damn-gain, and one of
the downsies working @ A & W reaffirmed my horrifying
ontological discovery. the guy that gave me the coffee is
so blatantly gay, i find it fascinating (@ risk of
sounding gay myself), how a gay guy can so convincingly
act like a girl. he is feminine in everything except the
most masculine areas (no i wasn't looking there), i mean
chin/adam's apple. really if ou think about it
flamboyantly gay people are like the world's best actors
and the world's biggest living irony (but this is only due
to society's narrow-minded and restrictive norms). but we
need norm's and since i'm not as englightened as everyone
else, i find it quite odd when a guy burns his finger,
jumps up and down waving the offending finger, yelling "oh
fiddlesticks". by saying that they are an irony it is
merely the definition of the word. an irony is anything
that occurs in a manner opposite of which you expect. i
expect a guy to act like a guy.....not a girl.
i look at my sweater atelast 5 times a day, seeing if i
have it on correctly. i spill coke all over myself when i
drink it. and i mutter to myself a lot. i like writing
in cursive cos noone can decipher what i write.......not
even i know what i write. a constant conundrum of
enigmatic rhapsodizing didactic drivel.........that's what
i write.