Nick's Journal
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2003-02-27 00:34:33 (UTC)


There's this guy in my business classes, he's about 5'10"
and weighs 10 lbs. he also dresses like the most thugged
out rapper this side of compton. first of all you can
tell by looking at him that he was the nerd that everyone
made fun of in high school. just picture your regular
high school nerd and you have htis guy in mind. now, add
about 20 layers of corporate branded expensive, yet
overtly baggy clothing and you have this guy. now not
only does he have clothing on so big it would dwarf Fat
Joe, but it is all multi-colored and this cool guy knows
exactly what colors do not mix and threw them on his thin
frame. so basically he's like a peacock, a very annoying
i think the part i despise the most is his hat. he wears
a baseball hat, and apparently he has figured out the
secret geometric formula so as to position it on his head,
so that it not only provideds no protection from the sun,
but also makes him look like a flaming faggot.
so as far as i know he has one "friend', this freind and
him have a secret code way of talking in which the above
described loser tries meekly to start conversation, and
the other guy replies with "What is the answer to (insert
# here)?" now at first i thought that he was atleast a
smart nerd till i heard him in his group. he gave a
blatantly wrong answer and when the girl corrected him he
was like "whatever!" only he said it much cooler. he had
this aire of, "nobody's gonna be tellin' this cracked out
cracka the right answer." i wish i could be like that.
cover myself in expensive clothing so that people don't
see past it at the real me, then force myself ot talk a
certain way to emphasize my already pathetic commitment to
a lifestyle i know nothing aobut. i'd like to drop that
sack of shit somewhere in the gehetto and seee what
happens. ugh, i have no sympathy for someone so insecure,
hopefully he'll see what a fool he is someday. until
then, take off that fucking hat!

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