Alisha's Journal
2003-02-27 00:30:33 (UTC)

Another song.

I don't have a title for this one.On a starry night.
Beauty was defined.
My soul was found.

There were no words,
feelings was all that was around.

Your eyes are as wonderful
as the sunrise.
I discovered that on this starry night.
Nothing compares to your
moonlit face,
and that was how your
beauty was defined.
My soul was found the moment
my heart realized i fell for you.

If only you were here now.
My world was lost,
my heart isn't around.
If only you could say goodbye,
then this wouldn't feel
like this...
an awful lie.

To see your smile,
would change my ways.
I would run for awile,
but my heart,
is still in your haze.
Your picture doesnt remain,
for i have killed you just the same.
He said he didn't mean to,
just like i said it too.
I'm sorry, but i still love you.

On a starry night
Beauty was broken
My soul was unfound.

There are no words.
Feelings is all thats around.

:) Grasso's going to Prom with me.

That song started out being a prom kinda
changed. haha. Any feedback?