Things to know
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2003-02-27 00:20:26 (UTC)


My life is weird, i dont know what to do. the weather has
sucked i havent got to play soccer lately so that sucks,
and i really want to be with kelan but she doesnt know what
she wants. me and jamie broke up and i regret, but i think
that was the best thing for us. we are cooler as friends
but we dont talk that much so i dont know what will happen
there. I dont even think she still likes me so i dont think
i should worry about it. I wish kelan wanted to be together
cause i love her to death and want to be together. I dont
know what i would do with out her. I cant tell she still
likes me but i dont know if she wants to be together. I ask
her but she always says she doesnt know. i want to talk
about it but i can never just come out and say anything.
sometimes i think we spend to much time together. after we
spend a couple of days straight together we are allways at
eachothers neck. i cant live with out her and i hate it
when we fight or dont get along. ive never felt the
feelings i feel for her towards anyone else. I just hope
sometime in the future things work out the way i want them
to. i think i could spend the rest of my life with her.well
i better go, i need to go see my grand ma in the hospital.

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